OHM Namah Shivaye (2005)

- an honourable greeting to Lord Shivaye -

In Indian mythology Shiva is described as the creator, preserver and destroyer of the world. One of the most famous appearances of Shiva is Nataradja, the dancing Lord. The programme is dedicated to Shiva Nataradja. Different characteristics and particles of his life are exposed, e.g. the moon and the stars which adorn him; Adishesha, the snake he wares on his head; and the Ganges river that finds its origin on Shiva’s head. Traditional items on Lord Shiva's life are combined with bhajans (hymnes of praise), stating different emotional stages, e.g. meditation, rage and devotion.


A journey through Indian myths (2003)

This recital illustrates different moral aspects hidden in Indian mythology. The programme is opened traditionally. Many dispositions and emotions have part in the repertoire. Love and devotion dominate in the Varnam in which the heroine expresses how much she longs to her Lord. Heroism, fear and haughtiness colour Devarnama, where Krishna teaches the superficial blind King's son how to be a humble man. The proud and beautiful Satyabhavana learns that she is no competion for Ram's Sita. The bird Garuda is being teached a lesson by Hanuman, the monkey whom is a devotee of Sri Ram. The dancer concludes the programme with a semi-classical item, or traditionally with a composition in which the accent lays on pure dance movements.